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The most Classic Hot Bikini Girl

Hot Bikini girl, Ursula Andress     We have many new unique bikini models and young bikini babes, however the hottest bikini woman of all time was Ursula Andress.  The swiss born actress emerged from the sea in the first James Bond movie Dr. No wearing a stunning super sexy belted swimsuit. This scene at the beach was regarded as a true classical moment in Cinema history and set the stage for all the future exciting Bond girls.  The public could immediately connect with the dream or fantasy of being at a secluded beach with someone you are attracted to, and the serenity offered by a pristine Ocean view. 

     Besides this two piece being one of the most classic bikini’s, Ursula Andress swimsuit also became one of the most expensive bikinis of all time. Many years after the film release and in February of 2001, the sexy bathing suit was offered at Christie’s of London auction for a starting  $60,000 opening bid.

     The bikini swimsuit sure has gone through a long yet always exciting fashion  journey. Since that time in swimsuit history many other designers have adapted the look and even recreated the style in other classic colors and shapes. Here below we have a similar yet fresh new belted bond style sexy swimsuit. Even the more modern comtemporary photographers of today like Oleg Covian image here still inspires in us awe and nostalgia in the attainment for that most perfect day in the most unique and great feel bikini swimwear.   Black Bikini belted Bond Style

There are many in the swimsuit industry that pursue the hobby of bikini collections. Even more amazing are those that take pieces of old lace or antique fabric sequins and place them in photo frames to display in their homes on the wall. If you get to see a very unsual swimsuit it may end up to be profitable saving it for a collection.

Another factoid to note in this story is that the sun tan that Ursula had for the movie was a sunless tanner that at time did turn the skin a bit orange. The tanning products were not as natural looking as they are today. Rumor has it that the actress alternated with at home beach nude tanning to try and get a more natural look effect. Regardless, there is no doubt that she has been the most hot bikini girl in history. Today we have advanced so that we do not have to bake in the sun and have a spray tan as an alternative. Here is a brief view of a Spray tanning by Air Tan Beach Store in Colorado,


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